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07 August 2011 @ 09:31 pm
TV shows and summer boredom or from Misfits to Falling Skies, Game of Thrones and nothingness  
     The big bad hiatus is in full swing so there's little for me to watch on tv (aka my PC of course) and the situation is getting desperate ! I saved a few shows for the summer months but I am almost done with them already.
     I started  watching Misfits and finished it all in less than one week, only 13 episodes is not much , not much at all and now I am waiting to see what powers they all got but I don't even know when the new season begins. It's a great show, the dialogue and characters are the most interesting part, they carry the whole thing not the plot or the sets which are not that spectacular or anything. But yes, I love the humor and the characters. My favorite is Simon, he's so awkward but with so much potential underneath that, it's interesting. Nathan is hilarious and adorable but I don't fancy the actor like everyone else seems to . I mean, he's pretty but he's too young for my tastes haha.
     Another show I'm watching is Falling Skies aka that shit alien show on TNT that I don't find quite as shitty as others seem to find it. It's not really bad ,just a little slow and boring but the boring part has to do with the all american cliches ,it's a walking, talking cliche, all of them are there complete with stupid "epic" speeches. But other than that it's ok, I like the idea of it and I hear it's getting a second season so maybe it won't end abruptly .
     Yesterday I started watching Game of Thrones which I've been meaning to watch ever since I heard about it but I waited for the season to end first . It's pretty interesting, I was expecting a bit more action and fantasy but the story is good and the actors are good . So far I'm at the 3rd episode and the one disappointment is that Iain Glen's character doesn't have more scenes and that I cannot root for Lena Headey's character cause she seems like a total bitch but I love the actress .
    Other than that .... I've watched all season of The Big Bang Theory back in June and my only remaining back-up is Mike&Molly + about 10 more episodes of Modern Family season 2 because I saved that one as well. Oh, the horror....what will I do?

    Also, I watched dozens of documentaries and just payed 40 dollars on one about Hitler's Wolf's Lair (one of his General Headquarters during WWII, it's in the north of Poland) in the hope that there will also be more footage of Alfred Jodl and there better be more footage but I'm sure I'll be disappointed on that front, the guy seemed to be everywhere but where the cameras were.