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15 October 2011 @ 05:50 pm
I'm back from Egypt + today is a sad day !  
   I just came back from Egypt 2 days ago and it was a great trip ,12 days at the seaside in Marsa Alam by the Red Sea and 2 days in Cairo right next to Tahrir Square for you world news buffs. I will make a post about that after I finish uploading my pictures ,which is taking a while due to my Internet connection that behaves like a pubescent girl.

   My post today is about something that is very important to me. On the 15th of October many years ago, in 1946, one of my most favorite historical figures was living his last day on this planet . Alfred Jodl was awaiting his execution ,according to the sentence, given by the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg, which had been death by hanging. Right, if anyone was reading this you probably stopped by now but if you go on reading, which I hope at least one of you will , I want to point out that the man didn't really deserve it. If we are to base this on pure fact of a direct nature, other members of his Staff and the OKW or OKH got sentences that were ,for the most part commuted and not capital punishment in the first place. Actual war criminals like Bach-Zelewski even walked free while Jodl got hanged cause he had the misfortune of being included in that first trial. Anyway, you're probably thinking "whatevs..who gives a fuck, all of them were the same" but that's not true and I am no Nazi supporter.

  The idea is that on this day a long time ago, this man was spending his last hours in his little cell in a destroyed Nuremberg. Along with him others were doing the same thing, and while I think the death penalty is wrong in itself, I can't say I "feel" for all of them except Jodl and Keitel, the lackey who was in fact a decent person but was very weak. 

   A little after midnight, in the very early hours of the 16th of October 1946, their names were called, one by one (Ribbentrop first since Goering killed himself) and they were taken to the gallows and strangled to death because the execution was most probably fucked up by the executioner.

   What would you do if you were awaiting execution? You know what Alfred Jodl did? He wrote beautiful letters to his wife in which he showed much more concern about her pain that about what was happening to him. Also, he left his cell spotless, everything was clean, his bed perfectly made, everything in order.

little baby! Alfred Jodl

Alfred in the middle with his arms crossed. Keitel is on his right and General Bodenschatz to the left.

I like the tight uniform, I have no shame

I also like how the breeches compliment the...ahem...figure

in Reims ,France, on the 7th of May 1945, about to sign the unconditional surrender

in Flensburg ,the day he and the rest got arrested.

in Nuremberg



lavozdelsilencio on October 17th, 2011 04:10 pm (UTC)
>.< oh damn.. I read the whole thing :( and probably will remember it forever, specially if he didn't deserve it.

I'm against the death penalty too. I watched a documentary on the whole process of capturing Einchmann and his trials and even though I saw what he did, still am against death penalty... *sighs*

Why is he one of your favorite historical figures? Was it this particular story or something else?
Ada: JOdlentity22 on October 17th, 2011 05:17 pm (UTC)
Hi ! Thank you so much for reading this and giving it a chance, it means the world to me, especially considering that since I started making posts about this subject people stopped making any comments and that kind of hurt tbh !

The death penalty is generally wrong in my view because no one should have control over another persons life in this way, because this is something so serious that the judgement of flawed men(and we're all flawed and biased in some way)cannot warrant such an action and because ultimately no one learns anything. Like, for ex, Eichmann ,instead of killing him they should have tortured him or something, something hard and painful that would haunt him forever not death.

Anyway, this trial, as much as the world deems it necessary(although it did nothing in the end) , was a farce. From a legal stand point it was...illegal, the indictment was made up of accusation that did not exist, they were accused and convicted of committing illegal actions that didn't exist prior to the moment of the trial in the legal system. So, even if some of them(in all trials) were indeed deserving of being condemned as criminals, the way in which they were condemned was still basically illegal. It was ,in the end, just a show put on by the victors. No one was tried from the Allies side for actions just as bad, such as the bombing of Dresden and Hamburg or the atomic bomb or the russian atrocities(for ex : the hundreds of thousand rapes - if not millions - and not just in Germany but in other places as well), the gulags, etc. These were all deemed as necessary and they closed their eyes on what the Soviet Union was doing in order not to piss them off.

All sides did bad things but justice should have been handed equally and individually, fairly.

Jodl was declared innocent on all counts in the '50s by a German tribunal(these tribunals were often even harsher as in they found people guilty of illegalities during the nazi regime and war more easily) and now many actually believe his sentence was wrong. In fact, at the trial, the French judge was very upset that Jodl was given the death penalty.

He's one of my favorite historical figures because of how he was as a person and a professional. He wasn't one of the "famous" figures ,he wasn't "bombastic" and his job didn't give him exposure although he was technically the second man in the army for most of the war . He was Chief of Staff of Operations ,one of the departments in the High Command of the Wehrmacht(OKW) .This meant he was in charge with operations and strategy on all fronts, the general outlines for this sectors and the orders went from his department to the front where they then made specific strategy based on those outlines. It's complicated because u also had the OKH which was the High Command of the Army but just the Army as in ground troops.
Anyway, his only superiors were basically Keitel ,who was Chief of Staff of the OKW ,and Hitler. Practically ,Jodl was more important than Keitel and had more attributes .

Outside that he was a bit of an introvert(a bit more sometimes), very disciplined, very loyal, very hard working, ambitious but in a good way, smart, very organized, very self controlled, calm under pressure, friendly and warm with his friends and family and very honest, there was a great deal of honesty about him, he never pretended to be something else and he was a proud officer(proud not vain or arrogant). I was most impressed by his last letters to his wife though, they were beautiful ,not melodramatic yet full of very honest feeling, love, care and dignity.

You should read the post I made before this one, it's about Jodl as well .

Oh wow, huge comment, sorry!
downuwavo on November 1st, 2011 02:29 pm (UTC)
I think that is right bout that. Nice info and thanks. Need to get in google feed.

ruggzeke on November 1st, 2011 10:13 pm (UTC)
Very intereresting reading. thx