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18 February 2012 @ 08:07 pm
Quick update and a confession : I am a tad obsessed with making GIFs  
Howdy y'all ! My life is quite uneventful, I don't do much, mainly I just have some Master's classes (now there's a break, exams are over) and some German classes .
Yes, I started re-learning German, did 4 years of it in middle school but abandoned it cause I hated the teacher and it made me hate not the language but the grammar, and now I thought it would be a good idea to start again since I seem to be going there on shorter or longer trips quite often and I have more contact in general with the language so it's easier to learn and remember what I once knew. I like it so far, the classes are twice a week at a German institute and the teacher we have is very nice ,the method of teaching is fun and modern and ....active instead of the countless theories and grammar we did in school.
Other than that....well I guess nothing exciting is going on, I am sure it's not exciting to hear about my random outings with one friend or the other at Starbucks, the Mall, movies or random pubs haha.

The gif situation now lol ! I think I will turn this love of gifs into a theme, I'll make gif posts, more organized than this one, themed. If you have suggestions of things you want to see, please share them with me. I can make gifs(not terribly complicated ones because I don't like wasting hours to change all sorts of things and settings and make them look unreal) of history related stuff (I have tons of WWII related documentaries) , tv shows like Fringe, Supernatural, Alcatraz, The Walking Dead, Grimm, Survivor, The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family ,Game of Thrones, Dr Who.

I give you some random GIFs . I think by the time I finish this ,the post will include some random gifs of : Erwin Rommel(The Desert Fox), Winston Churchill, WWII era planes (mostly Luftwaffe) cause I like vintage aviation, a few Survivor(yes, the CBS reality show) gifs, maybe one or two Supernatural gifs, other history related gifs.

I don't know how many people in my f-list are interested in history and particularly the history of modern wars but I would like to share my passion with y'all . My life is not that exciting , some

Ok, let's get started so u have an idea :

1. Erwin Rommel (Desert Fox, Generalfeldmarschall ,commander of the renowned Afrikakorps -among others- and the proud owner of an adorable ,gif-able face)

taking pics in Africa

being a good leader

Winston Churchill now

visiting troops in Africa

cool like a BOSS

meeting FDR

the famous victory sign (Molotov by the car door)

Meeting between Churchill and Stalin, with the handsome A. Harriman in the middle

Roosevelt looking less than pleased but 100% badass

Probabily a Junkers Ju-87 "Stuka" ,making a dive(one of the coolest planes of WWII, google it!)

Allied plane taking off


Tanks in the desert

The Afrikakorps arrives ,a legend is born. Here the unloading of a german panzer

the start of the battle of El Alamein, intense heavy gun firing

firing big guns

Survivor has great cinematography or whatever u call this beautiful shit

I really liked this shot from an episode of Dr.Who, I think I also made an icon

and one of Dean's gorgeous face

I've got countless more ,this was just like a preview!

Peace !

Ms Dref: The Vampire Diaries - Bill/phone OTPdref22 on February 18th, 2012 11:09 pm (UTC)
I would totally be interested in Modern Family gifs. :P