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22 June 1987
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Hey all ! Feel free to add me unless you're a troll and you want to sell me penis enhancements or other stuff like that even though I don't have a penis!

Am I boring? Depends on what you're interested in . I'm a tad obsessive about my hobbies and interests and I have some weird interests ,for my age at least. What are they ,you ask? Well, let's see :

- tv shows (not weird for my age or any age, I know)like Fringe, Supernatural, Survivor, The Amazing Race, Modern Family, The Walking Dead, the first seasons of House MD, Heroes, Lost, Stargate, MASH, 30 Rock and others

- history . Here my main area of interest is the WW2 period and Nazi Germany. Yes, I said Nazi Germany. I will write (generally not very serious posts) about this subject or some personality from that time. Does that make me an evil Nazi? Hell NO ! I DO NOT SUPPORT ANY EXTREMIST PARTIES OR IDEOLOGIES PAST OR PRESENT ! Yes, I am very interested in that period and yes, I don't find all of those people bad cause they weren't all bad and some of the bad ones still had some qualities, any real historian would tell you that but I do not support the Nazi movement AT ALL so stop treating history like you're some goddamn pure virgins and let's learn from it ! Oh yes and I might have a historical crush on Alfred Jodl so there will be fangirling.

- travelling . I love to travel ,I don't do it as often as I wish but when I do I post about it.


- Jose Mourinho. I've always had a crush on his beautiful face and amazing personality but kept it to myself. He's gorgeous ,sassy, smart and authentic, what is not to like!

- Hugh Laurie. Used to be 100% obsessed with him but since I stopped watching House it went down a notch so there are less posts about that now.


- the rest is a mystery you'll have to discover.